February, 2017


Hosted by Some Moron

My Interview with

"TThunder THB"

THB member since 2012

Primary weapon of choice: PP-2000

Emblem: THB Platoon

The Moron Report
Hosted by Some Moron THB (aka Mo)
Issue #15

Welcome everyone to another edition of The Moron Report with your host, Some Moron,otherwise known as Mo. In The Moron Report, we take time out from gaming to interview one of our THB members or gaming friends that we play with each night. After a brief vacation of a few years, we are back at it! Having recently interviewed one of our newest members, Nightstalker, we now turn to look at one of our veteran members, TThunder THB. And yes, there are two T's for twice the Trouble!

Moron: Welcome, TThunder!

TThunder: Thanks for having me.

Moron: So your name is a bit unusual, how did you get or decide on the name TThunder?

TThunder: It came from the movie Tropic Thunder.

Moron: Oh, I get it. Nice. And how did you get connected with THB?

TThunder: I got connected with THB while playing on the team server in BHD (Black Hawk Down). I had been with a group call the League of Heroes, but then most of them quit playing. So I began playing on other servers. I found THB and joined in 2012, so I have been a member for about 5 years now.

Moron: And you were recently made Squad Leader of THB's Charlie Co. Congratulations!

TThunder: Thank you.

Moron: So coming from BHD, how does it compare with BF4?

TThunder: To me, the hardest thing about BF4 vs BHD is that there are a lot of weapons. It seems that others have better weapons than I do, but when you get one built up with all the accessories, it is hard to switch to a new one. I think the kills and deaths come down to more the weapon and power versus someone just being better than you. But don't get me wrong - skill plays into it also.

Moron: Do you play other video games?

TThunder: No, just BF4

Moron: Cool, I like the focus. So tell us a little about the man behind TThunder.

TThunder: Well, my name is Brian Evans. I work at the Alton, IL Fire Dept. Alton is right on the Illinois-Missouri line, with West Alton, MO right across the river. We are a full-time department of 43 firemen and serve a community of 30,000. I am a Captain on the Fire Dept and have been for over 21 years. My shift is a 24-hour shift with 72 hours off between shifts.

Moron: Wow! That is a rough shift!

TThunder: My favorite part of the job is probably the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) side of it as I have been a paramedic for probably 17 years.

Moron: So what got you into this line of work?

TThunder: I just tested for the department and got hired off that list. I was looking for a career, not just a job.

Moron: Well, it definitely sounds like you found one. Thanks for all your service. I know that the residents of Alton appreciate you too.

TThunder: I also have a mowing business and do some rental management on my off days.

Moron: Sounds like you're a busy man. Tell us a little about your family.

TThunder: I have two girls, one is 18 and the other is 16. I am divorced, so they live with their mom in Missouri. My oldest just started college, as she finished high school early. And my younger daughter is a sophomore in high school.

Moron: Nice. Do you have other hobbies besides BF4?

TThunder: No, not a lot of hobbies. I coached Girls Fast Pitch Select Softball for 4 years, but quit that last summer. Just taking things at a slower pace right now.

Moron: Hey, that sounds like a good plan. Well, TThunder, thanks again for appearing on The Moron Report. And thanks to all of our readers for dropping by. We’ll see you all on the Battlefield real soon.

And that has been another edition of The Moron Report! Check back every few weeks to see who's next, because one day it might be YOU! But for now, we'll see ya on the battlefield. This is Some Moron signing off. And remember "Keep your head down and your stats up!"

February, 2017

THB adds two more players to The Half Breed line up!

THB welcomes two new members to our great squad.

NakedNorwegian, who calls Fairchild AFB his home. "NN" as we like to call him, has been a regular in the THB Conquest server. He has gone toe to toe with some of BF4 greatest players. He unwhittedly teamed up with THB's very own Some Moron (MoTHB) on a few maps and was able to stand side by side with him and aid in getting the win for his team. THB Command took notice of this, and offered him a spot right away, something not given out lightly by the members of THB. NN has already proven to be a team player, a MUST to be a member of THB.

Unachanman-Hage, was also invited to join The Half Breeds after playing the THB server and demenstrating that it was the team that mattered most, and not the individual stat. This impressed THB command so much that they too offered "Una" a spot on it's squad. Hailing from Osaka, Japan and speaking very little english, Unachanman-Hage is able to communicate to us all simply by reacting to what we are doing in game. A true tactics based fighter, he is able to run with his squad just as effectively as if he runs alone.

Look for these two gentleman in the THB server and among the BF4 community, and remember THB is a INVITE ONLY squad. We do not add just anyone. So if you feel you have what it takes to be a Half Breed, hit up any of the THB players you see out there and let them know!

Febraury, 2017

The Half Breeds server going strong

The THB server has been up for roughly a month now, and although we have had a few technological breakdowns, we are please to announce that, all is good!

We want to thank all of you who have been in to visit us, and help populate our server. We hope to provide a fun, cheat free enviroment for all who attend.
Please be mindful of our rules, they are simple and posted at the begining of every map.

We enjoy having you visit us.

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