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We all want to use avatars and signatures for our postings, and here you are more than welcome to do so. However we have a few rules that we ask you abide by.

First and foremost is content... remember if you can not view it at work or in the company of your children or grandma, you do not want to use it. This is to include, but not limited to, any sexual, racist, bigotry or drug images.

Maximum amount of images, quotes and text in your signature: As much as you can fit within the other rules. This is a pre-determined amount established by the guidelines of the code that makes up this form.

Maximum signature width: 500px total. If you have a 250px image and a 300px image side by side, that would be violating this rule.

Maximum signature height: 125px total (including text). Same rules as above applies

Maximum signature filesize: 50kB total. If you have multiple images then the filesize is added between them. Smilies also count.

Maximum avatar filesize: 20kB. The pre-determined code size that is set on this forum is 90x90

Restricted file types in signature/avatar: None. You can have it animated if you must, but be sure that it meets the other rules (More importantly filesize).
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